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Ansy.ai - GPT-3 for Your Discord Server | Product Hunt

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hello 👋 there,

I am chirag chamoli. but, you probably knew that. i am 4x founder mostly in the technology roles (cto | vp engineering | technical architect ). tools of trade are usually python, golang and javascript/node. my focus is mainly on enterprise software & saas. i am decent in building scalable and performant api, robust architecture and teams as required by business.

Ansy.ai - GPT-3 for your discord server | Product Hunt

Product Expertise: SaaS | Platforms | B2B | API | Automation | Machine Learning

I have built follwing:

ansy.ai - automate faq in 5 mins - Discord / Slack and Document FAQ software.
bip.so - git based wiki for your community - Text editor with realtime git capabilities
supplycompass - plm + supply chain management - PLM + Supplychain Management Software
chatbook - facebook bot and marketing automation tool - - CRM bot for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line and Web.
qthority - legal qa - Web Bot
csr - enterprise resources management - Corporate Social Responsibility SAAS
bookadabra - booking service - Booking Service
educredit - same day loans Loan Management Software
edyst- online learning platform Learning and Educational Software
sourceeasy - product lifecycle management + erp (apparel) - PLM + Supplychain Management Software + Communication stack with Whatsapp
techpack.io - first online editor
inquy - note taking /storage app - Digital Note Taking App
usb secure delete